Why Juicing?

Tropical FruitsYou’ve probably tried a fresh squeezed glass of orange juice at one time or another, and decided that its taste was much better than store bought.  Now, consider the health benefits of fresh juice, and there’s so much more out there than orange juice!  Juicing is big and it’s not a fad. Besides better taste, juicing can play a vital role in helping you maintain optimal health.

Right off, juicing can help you consume more fruits and vegetables. It is recommended that individuals consume at least five servings of fruits and vegetables every day. The average person may consume only one or two servings a day, and three or four at the most. The latter is usually the case only if they’re really trying. Many of us just don’t like fruit or vegetables enough to eat that much fresh produce, or it’s not convenient or available.  At least, not as available as the soft drink machine at the end of the hall, right next to the salty snacks dispenser.  The odds seem stack against you.

Some just don’t like the taste of certain fruits and vegetables.  I’ll get to that, later.  There’s recipes that can make even beets taste great.  Or, if you’re a beet-lover, then substitute brussels sprouts. Many of them haven’t realized that it can be much easier and more convenient to drink the juice of several pieces of fruit than it is to actually consume the large pieces themselves. If taste is what’s keeping you from eating certain vegetables, then juicing can help with that as well. Add something sweet like strawberries or your favorite fruit, and you’ll find that carrots or kale never tasted so good. There are many juicing recipes available that can cater to anyone’s personal tastes or needs. If you can find something you like, and enjoy drinking it, then it makes getting your five daily servings of fruits and vegetables a whole lot easier.

When you juice, you end up with a finished product that contains more fruits and vegetables than you could actually eat by yourself in one sitting. This means that your fresh squeezed juice is more densely packed with healthy vitamins, minerals and other plant based nutrients. When you juice, you’ll lose quite a bit of the fiber from the fruits and vegetables. At first glance, one might think that this is awful, but it’s really not. This makes the juice easier for your system to digest and it also gets all that nutritional goodness into your system much faster. The particular vitamins and minerals found in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables can help improve your cardiovascular system and your heart health. They can also help you to have healthier hair, skin and nails. Another good thing that will come from juicing is having more energy. The benefits to your body from juicing are just too numerous to list. Another point to take into consideration is that there are important micronutrients and enzymes that your body so desperately needs, but they are destroyed when fruits and vegetables are heated and processed. You don’t have to worry about that happening when you’re juicing. I don’t know of any other single thing you could do that could provide as many healthy benefits as juicing can.

Juicing is a powerful weapon in the campaign to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. It makes a lot of sense considering fruits and vegetables are very low in calories and packed full of vitamins and nutrients. Juicing makes it much easier to introduce these “good for you” foods into your diet. Dark green vegetables are great for any weight loss regimen, so adding some to your beverage would be a wonderful idea. They can increase your vitamin intake and help to detoxify your body while losing weight. Your sugar cravings will most likely start to disappear after drinking fresh juice for a period of time. Your body will be satisfied with the natural sweetness from your juicing and you just won’t want the processed sugar anymore. If you’re looking to eat less, consume a glass of juice about half an hour before your meal. It will help to suppress your appetite and your body will already be reaping its great benefits. Some people even use a couple glasses of juice as a meal replacement. What could be easier?

Whether you want to try juicing for your health , or are just looking for a new taste adventure, you’ll reap many benefits from taking that first step. Anyone can juice at home considering the number of options available on the market today. Keep your eye out for some great tasting juicing recipes and give it a try. You’ll be glad you did!

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