Free Kindle Books on Juicing

Quick post.  Nothing fancy.

At the time I’m posting this, these books on juicing are free for the Amazon Kindle – or Kindle app.  I haven’t read them, yet, so I don’t know if they’re good or not, but they’re free.  If you don’t like them, delete them.  No loss, except for time skimming.  Here they are:

Regarding the last, I regard titles that promise, “detox” with a healthy amount of suspicion.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are a great part of a healthy lifestyle, but let’s get real: there’s only so much you can ask of a glass of carrot juice.  If you’re pounding down fast food, bourbon, and filterless cigarettes every day for a decade or so, don’t expect the Green Juice Diet to eradicate years of abuse in a week.  Or two.

So – there you go.  Give them a once over.  If you like them, drop me a note in the comments section.