Care and Cleaning of your Home Juicer

Just as any other appliance in your home if you keep your juicer clean then it’s guaranteed to make it last much longer. You should always keep you juicer clean and in good worker order after you use it every time. Here are a few things you can do to keep your juicer clean and in good working order.

1. Always wash your fruits and vegetables before juicing them. Blemishes, molds, bruises and dings should all be removed.

2. Try to use organic produce. If you decide not to then you will have to peel everything and then you will lose out on a lot of nutrients. Produce that is not organic will be sprayed with pesticides and these chemicals will penetrate the skin and the skin is where most of the nutrients are found.

3. Fruits such as avocados, bananas, oranges, pineapples and grapefruit should always be peeled before used in a juicer whether they are organic or not.

4. Never remove the stems from most produce including grape and strawberry stems. These stems also contain a high amount of nutrients that won’t damage you or your juicer.

5. If and when possible cut produce into smaller pieces or slices that can easily fit inside the juicer tube. This will lesson or prevent the occurrence of jamming. After using your machine for some time you will be able to judge what sizes work best.

6. Instead of washing the pulp receptacle each time you use your juicer you can simply place a plastic bag inside it so as to catch the pulp. After you have finished making your juice simply empty the bag and then you won’t have the task of cleaning out the receptacle.

7. After using the juicer pull the unit apart and rinse as tiny fibers will easily be rinsed off minutes after use but if you allow them to dry up then you will have to scrub instead of rinse.

If for some reason or another you will not be able to clean your juicer right after use then you can still take it apart and put in in a sink full of water so it can soak. This way when you get back to cleaning up, the fibers and other particles will not be dried up and you can easily use you kitchen faucet pray and rinse out the unit and its components easily. Not only will this conserve on time spent in the kitchen but it will also keep your juicer clean and free from any bacteria.

No doubt your juicer is one of the most important appliances in your kitchen. If you are a juice fan then mostly likely your juicer will be out for use every single day. So you should clean up quickly after each use as this will help in easily removing all particles from your juicer. Always try to get especially the pulp fiber out as quickly as possible because if they dry up then it will become a tedious task and some may be left behind without you knowing.